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About Renjiang PV


Renjiang Group, a company with significant influence in the field of new energy, has always adhered to the philosophy of "providing quality products and services and bringing solar energy into people's lives," continuously promoting technological innovation and product development, and providing personalized services for customers.


Renjiang Group was established in 1998 and has become a company with rich experience and technology after many years of development. In the early stages of the company's development, we mainly focused on stainless steel products and gradually accumulated rich experience and technology. As the market demand changed and technology progressed, the company continuously expanded its business scope and later entered the photovoltaic field.

After more than 20 years of development, the company has become the leading enterprise in customized photovoltaic products in China. The group currently has 8 subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Taiwan, China, and has a relatively complete photovoltaic manufacturing industrial chain and global market sales layout.


In order to better meet customer needs, Renjiang Photovoltaic actively builds its industrial chain. Currently, the group has 5 photovoltaic upstream and downstream production and manufacturing bases in China. We have established close cooperative relationships with our upstream and downstream industry partners and have formed a complete industrial ecosystem. Through synergistic cooperation with our partners, we can provide one-stop solutions for raw material procurement, product manufacturing, sales, and service, thereby creating greater value for our customers.

Enterprise Advantages

1. Cost advantage of modules
Our products cover 5W-580W multi-power non-standard modules, standard modules, and double-glass modules, lightweight modules, folding modules, flexible modules. The product specifications are comprehensive, customizable, and can meet the different scene needs of global customers to the greatest extent. The ultimate cost of the components is reduced by more than 5% compared with peers. Under the same conditions, it has a larger product cost advantage and can provide customers with high cost-effective products, thereby having a greater industry competitiveness.

2. Industrial and commercial PV power station cost advantage
Since 2020, the company has centered on Hunan to layout its marketing channels in surrounding provinces, and adopted the partner system of giving concessions to excavate a large number of high-quality industrial and commercial rooftops without rent. The team adopted a strong incentive mechanism, achieving the effect of "one against ten". Through two years of operation, it has achieved very significant results, with the ultimate cost of industrial and commercial PV power stations being reduced by more than 30% compared with peers.

3. EPC cost advantage
Since 2017, the company has entered the national poverty alleviation project as the starting point, centered on Hunan to layout its marketing channels nationwide, and adopted the partner system of giving concessions to excavate multiple projects. The team adopted a strong incentive mechanism, and through five years of operation, it has achieved very significant results.

4. PV+storage channel advantage
Since 2014, the company has laid out the global market, and through eight years of market accumulation and precipitation, it currently has 8 branches in the UK, Brazil, the US, Germany, and Taiwan, China, with products sold to more than 40 countries and over 1,000 regions globally.